Simple Green Smoothie Recipes

Very merry berry smoothie surrounded by potted greens and herbs. This smoothie recipe is part of our simple green smoothies collection of recipes.

In January, we launched a Smoothie Challenge to help our members and friends get more leafy greens in their diets. Planted Places members grow lots of beautiful leafy greens and herbs through our container gardening membership. So, we provided them with delicious, simple green smoothie recipes to help them enjoy their greens and fuel their bodies with all that nutritional goodness.

Does a Green Smoothie Have to Look Green?

Wait shouldn’t a green smoothie appear green? Not necessarily. Our definition of a green smoothie is a blend of ingredients—including at least one leafy green or herb. We believe that green smoothies should contain healthy ingredients and taste good. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Get Your Recipes

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Simple Green Smoothie Recipes You’ll Be Able to View:

  1. Banana Bonanza
  2. Very Merry Berry
  3. Green Machine
  4. Tropical Immunity
  5. Nut Butter
  6. Cocoa Mint Chip
  7. Coconut Whipped Cream

Planted Places Makes It Easy to Grow Your Own Greens for Simple Green Smoothie Recipes

If you’re looking to grow your own organic greens to make salads, smoothies, grain bowls and more, check out the Planted Wall with Membership and Seedling Replenishment bundle, The Planted Wall vertical container garden system makes growing your own food easy. Plus, it’s self-watering and self-irrigating!

It Comes with Starter Plants, Seedling Replenishment and Vertical Garden Training

As part of this bundle, you’ll get new seedlings delivered to your door when it’s time to replenish, and we’ll teach you how to care for your plants for successful harvests. Check out the wall in action in the image below.

Image shows the Planted Wall, a leafy green salad and a green smoothie, so that those reading this blog post can visualize the wall and what you can make with it like simple green smoothie recipes.