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Keeping it Simple Fall Tips

Gardening has given us freedom, purpose & passion! I’m here to pass it on by helping you learn how to grow your own food & live more sustainably.

Spoil Your Soil!

Fall and winter are the perfect time to rest. Not only for ourselves, but also our soil! After all, soil is the soul of your garden! So don't feel guilty if you are taking some time off from the garden or just gardening a little less over winter. Use that time to spoil your soil with some beneficial worm castings, mulch and/or compost to keep all the microorganisms happy and well-fed during the cool season.

Grow with the Season

If you are growing during the cool season, keep things simple by growing greens and herbs that are cold hardy. These plants can take some cold and still grow like champs! This makes it easier and more enjoyable for you! Spinach, chives, sage, parsley, arugula, mizuna and some lettuce varieties are all ideal candidates for the cool season garden - they won't even mind the frost!

Practice Seasonal Eating

It's easy to mourn the loss of all those amazing summertime fruits and veggies! But, fall and winter offer their own abundance! Take the time to indulge in all the flavors of the season by committing to eating more seasonal, locally grown foods. Greens, legumes, root crops and squashes may be what your body is craving during the cooler season - plus, they provide tons of vital vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and healthy fats.

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