Our Summer Garden Guide Is Here

We have some good news! You can now access our summer garden guide for free! Normally, our gardening resources are for members only, but we decided to spread the gardening love. Simply enter your email below to download your copy. If you’re wondering who we are, keep reading.

What is Planted Places?

Planted Places is the maker of the innovative Planted Wall, an outdoor vertical gardening system for sustainably growing food. The wall is designed to be EASY to grow nutrient-dense greens & herbs — no matter your space or location. It is self-watering, self-fertilizing and on wheels so you can move it to the sun. It also features a recirculating irrigation system to conserve water. The system comes bundled with the Planted Membership, which means you automatically receive everything you need to grow on the Wall, including organic seedlings, soil, plant food and more.

Membership Benefits

We not only send you everything you need to grow your own food, but we also show you how to garden through easy-to-follow online training sessions and a slew of resources like our seasonal garden guides.

Here’s your chance to access one of our member guides for FREE to see what we’re all about. Curated by our expert growers and recipe developers, this Summer Garden Guide features:

  • How to Have a Healthy Summer Garden
  • The Benefits of Seasonal Eating
  • Summer Garden Inspired Recipes
  • DIY Insect Repellent Using Natural Ingredients

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