Naureen S. Shares Her Experience with the Planted Wall Vertical Garden and Membership

Naureen S. standing near her Planted Wall, which is a vertical garden on wheels.
Planted Places Member Naureen S. standing in front of her Planted Wall vertical garden.

Planted Places founder Christy Ross recently interviewed Naureen, who owns a Planted Wall and is a Planted member. She has been growing with us since 2020! In the interview, Naureen shared her experience growing food with the Planted Wall vertical garden.

On Joining the Grow Your Own Movement

When asked about what prompted Naureen’s interest in edible gardening, she said, “I kind of had this fantasy in my head that—you know—when I’m cooking in the evenings, I walk out to my garden and grab my herbs and…cook for my family.”

Naureen wasn’t growing food before investing in a Planted Wall vertical garden because she was busy and didn’t think she had enough time for it. The COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020 inspired her to re-consider it. However, Naureen wasn’t sure where to start.

“I really love cooking. I love flavors and my food…It’s like all roads led to Planted Places from many different directions. It [the Planted Wall] seemed like the right thing to do for me at that time…I love cooking with herbs, and I was thinking, God, it’d be really great if I did [grow them], but it was so daunting to think about. Where would I start? Where would I get the seedlings from and, and quality of soil?” she said.

The Planted Member went on to share that she had been going through some health issues at the time. “I was reading about soil and quality of soil and, you know, functional medicine and that sense of using food as medicine to heal. And it was just overwhelming.”

On Learning that Planted Places Provides Seedlings and Supplies with the Planted Wall Vertical Garden

Naureen discovered the Planted Wall and had a consultation with Christy to learn if it was a good fit. A Planted Wall purchase comes with certified organic seedlings and a complete garden kit plus training. Here’s what Naureen had to say about all that:

“It was like, oh my God, this is perfect. I don’t have time to research. I knew soil is important and all the things you put [in] the soil are important…so you gave me the perfect solution…you provided everything and I, I couldn’t even imagine how simple the process would be. Even as you explained it, I was like, there’s gotta be a trick.”

Naureen also appreciated that the Planted Wall is on wheels and easy to move and that it is self-watering and self-fertilizing.

“I didn’t have to worry about, well, where in my yard am I going to plant this?” Naureen went on to say that she moves her Planted Wall as the seasons and sunlight change. She was also excited about the Planted Wall’s self-irrigation system because she travels and can’t always be home to water her plants.  

On How She Uses the Planted Membership

After purchasing a Planted Wall, Naureen discovered the benefits of the Planted Membership including being able to contact a garden expert with questions.

“What was really wonderful was, you know, you have so much support. There’s one thing to go to a store and buy everything and put it together yourself. So, it was really exciting to have that help, whether it was bugs or it was this or that…

Naureen also loves that she doesn’t have to figure out what nutrition her plants need because Planted Places ships soil and plant food to our members.

“I don’t have to go search for it online or figure out, well, where am I going to buy this from?”

The Flavor of Homegrown Leafy Greens and Herbs Can’t Be Beat

She mentioned in the beginning of the interview that she loves to cook, and the home chef shared that she notices a difference in cooking with herbs she grew and ones bought elsewhere.

“When I cook with the herbs home, my homegrown herbs versus what I buy in the store, one of the things I noticed was that I don’t need as much. And secondly, I feel like, you know, it’s like a party in my mouth…it’s just so much flavor.”

The edible gardener when on to say that her family will actually eat salads now because of the flavor of the ones she grows and harvests from her Planted Wall.

“My son, he likes vegetables, but he never liked salads. He would never eat a salad. It was just not his thing. But when I make a salad, he’ll first ask [if it’s] from the garden? If say yes, then he’ll have it. If no, he won’t…And even, even my husband will just scarf down the salad…You can’t overlook the fact of the flavors. I mean, yes, it’s satisfying because I grew it, but the flavors are just amazing.”

Watch the Interview with Naureen On How She Uses Her Planted Wall Vertical Garden

You can watch Naureen’s interview and learn more about the Planted Wall vertical garden and membership here.