Our Spring Garden Guide Is Here

We have some good news! You can now access our Spring Garden Guide for free! Normally, our gardening resources are for Planted Members only, but we decided to spread the gardening love.

Here’s your chance to access one of our member guides for FREE. Curated by our expert growers and recipe developers, this Spring Garden Guide features:

  • How to Have a Healthy Spring Garden
  • The Benefits of Seasonal Eating
  • Spring Garden Inspired Recipes

Simply enter your email below to download your copy. If you’re wondering who we are and how our members grow food, keep reading.

What is Planted Places?

Planted Places offers organic container gardening subscriptions for growing microgreens, leafy greens and herbs. We’re also the makers of the the innovative Planted Wall, a vertical gardening system on wheels! We make it easy to grow your own food in healthy living soil.

Here’s what you need to know about us. First, our container gardening systems don’t take up much space by design. Second, when you grow with us, you save time because we send you everything you need: organic plants, organic soil, sturdy felt pots and organic fertilizer. And, we send you seasonal seedling replenishments, so you never have to think about re-ordering plants. Third, we teach you how to plant, care for and harvest your leafy greens.

Membership Benefits

We not only send you everything you need to grow your own food, but we also show you how to garden through easy-to-follow online training sessions and a slew of resources like our seasonal garden guides.

We Believe in Growing Food in Soil

Growing in organic soil and regenerating it for multiple harvests is at the core of the Planted Places Membership. We’re all about growing in healthy living soil because it’s the secret sauce for successful growing. With every season, we walk you through how to regenerate your soil in real-time with the organic ingredients we send you—so you can have a bountiful harvest time and time again.

Healthy soil is key to producing nutritious plants, and it’s one of our best defenses against climate change. Read more about that here.

What’s the Planted Wall?

A split photo that shows the Planted Wall vertical gardening system for growing food.
The Planted Wall

Most of our members grow food with our self-watering and self-fertilizing vertical garden system, the Planted Wall. It saves water through its recirculating system, meaning the drainage water doesn’t flow away. The system recirculates it back to the system so the plants get the valuable minerals and trace elements that are usually lost when water flows away.

Join the Grow Your Green Thumb Boot Camp

If you’re interested in becoming a Planted Places’ Member, but are not ready to commit, you can try us out with our upcoming Grow Your Green Thumb Boot Camp. It’s a hands-on experience where we take care of it all—from sending you organic starter plants, organic soil, organic fertilizer and sturdy felt pots—to showing you how to plant, care for and harvest your leafy greens and herbs. 

Inside the Boot Camp we will provide video tutorials, custom coaching, and live training throughout the week.  At the end, you’ll be ready to move into the Planted Wall and start growing immediately.  Learn more here.

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