Asian Dressing with Fire Cider – The Happy Food Chef Robin Joy

Fire Cider by Shire City Herbals


1 TB minced garlic

1 TB minced ginger

3 to 4 tsp melted raw honey 

2 TB tahini

2 tsp tamari

3 TB Fire Cider

2 TB rice vinegar 

1 chopped spring onion

3 TB toasted or raw sesame oil

1 teaspoon black sesame seeds

1 tsp chopped cilantro

1 tsp chopped red pepper


To the bowl add chopped garlic and ginger, add melted honey, and stir in, add tahini and work in so the tahini is nicely integrated. Add tamari, fire cider, rice vinegar and mix in. Add in the spring onion and black sesame seeds. Then drizzle sesame oil and work into the dressing so it doesn’t separate. If you need to adjust anything, if you need more sweet, oil or vinegar, tahini, tamari, this is the time to add in whatever you need to balance for your own taste. At the end, add the chopped cilantro and red pepper plus 1 teaspoon smoked paprika. Enjoy!

Pickled Ginger with Fire Cider

2 -3 tbsp fire cider depending on how much you make and how much kick you want.

2 to 3 teaspoons melted honey or other sweetener such as date sugar or coconut sugar

Rice Vinegar to cover the amount of ginger you use. 

In a jar add honey and fire cider and blend together so the honey is melted in the fire cider. Add a few teaspoons rice vinegar to the honey to help dissolve the honey. Taste to adjust sweetness to your own palate. Put ginger into the jar and fill with more rice vinegar until the ginger is covered with liquid. Shake the jar so the ginger is mixed in well with the liquid. Marinate and keep in the refrigerator until use.

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